About The Brewer


At the helm of Drunk Tobias Brewing stands Peyton Ulrich, a young man passionate about beer, brewing, and the Drunk Tobias lifestyle. Peyton’s life in beer started at a young age, when he was introduced to craft beer through festivals and brewery tours throughout his hometown of Seattle, Washington and the greater world.

He got his start in brewing at The Palm Shack in San Luis Obispo, California, where alongside Co-Founder Tony Bellanti he helped lead the creation of local favorites such as The Rusty Cutter West Coast IPA, Grandpa’s Toenails Hazy IPA, and The Communist Manifesto Russian Imperial Stout.

After relocating his body and soul to Santa Rosa, California, he decided to embark on a solo endeavor, and Drunk Tobias Brewing was born. At DTB, Peyton aims to provide a wide variety of offerings to his followers, including traditional European styles, dry and delicate Hazy IPAs, and adjunct-laden ales showcasing Sonoma County’s bountiful seasonal harvests.

When he is not busy mashing, sparging, boiling, or bottling, you can find Peyton at your local beer garden, ballpark, or concert hall.